Custom & Commission Work

The first step to having a custom stained glass window made is arranging a design consultation with Heather in the studio. She will discuss the elements that are important to you such as style, architectural features, color and quantity of light and show you examples of different colors and textures of glass. She will also have a collection of photos and images of past work to help generate ideas for you. In most cases Heather will draw a sketch combining all of the elements you discussed. Collaboration is one of Heathers favorite parts of her work. She enjoys hearing the thoughts and opinions of her clients and working together to come to agreement on the final design.

Once the design is approved Heather will give an estimate and after a 50% deposit of the estimate is paid, Heather will create a full scale cartoon, (computer or hand drawing), of the window. After printing the cartoon to scale it can be hung in place at your home so that you can “live” with the design or bring in family and friends for comments. Once you are satisfied with the drawings, (with or without modification), and the style and color of glass has been chosen, you will give Heather permission to proceed with the construction of your new stained glass piece.

Glass and supplies will be estimated and after receiving payment Heather will place the glass order and schedule the dates for the work to be done. As Heather finishes each step of the process she will email you photos showing you how the piece is looking. At the completion, you will be invited to see the piece in the studio and asked to make arrangements for the delivery and installation of the piece to its final destination.

If you are interested in having a custom stained glass piece made please contact Heather using the contact form on this web site or call the studio at 413-559-1010.

We look forward to hearing from you!